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- Genral Conditions of Sale

Špecialista na ochranu v znečistených a agresívnych prostrediach

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SK - 960 01 ZVOLEN

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All orders imply unreserved compliance with our general conditions of sale. Any contrary condition set by the purchaser shall not apply to the vendor unless expressly agreed in writing by the vendor.



Orders shall not be final until confirmed in writing. This includes orders taken by one of the vendor's representatives. After confirmation, the order is firm and final. No modification shall be allowed unless expressly agreed by the vendor.



Given the specific nature of the product, manufacturing time, supply and transport, lead times shall be negotiated and accepted when the contract is signed. They are given as a guideline and, if a delay occurs, do not entitle the purchaser to cancel or refuse the goods or claim damages. Delivery within the agreed lead time depends on the purchaser's compliance with its obligations towards the vendor, whatever the cause.



Our goods are sold carriage paid. They travel at the addressee's risk, whatever the method of transport used and the payment conditions for the cost of transport. In case of damage, the addressee should make any appropriate reservations by registered letter with proof of delivery sent to the transport firm within three (3) days of receiving the goods.



Our products are manufactured and inspected in the factory as part of our Quality system. However, if defects, faults or non-conformities are detected in the product delivered compared to the product ordered, a claim should be submitted in writing within eight (8) days of the product's delivery. The purchaser must provide proof of the defects or faults observed but should refrain from taking remedial action itself or causing a third party to take such action. Any product return must be jointly and formally agreed by the vendor and purchaser.

Returns accepted by the vendor shall lead to the modification or replacement of the product or the drafting of a credit note. No damages shall be paid.



We undertake to supply goods that comply with the technical specifications set out in the specifications document. They shall be modified or replaced if we observe any anomalies or defects.

Defects and damage caused by natural wear and tear or by an external accident (incorrect assembly, defective maintenance, abnormal use etc.) or by a modification of the product that is neither foreseen nor specified by the vendor shall not be covered by the warranty.

These provisions do not preclude the application of the statutory guarantee included in Articles 1641 et seq. and relating to non-professional purchasers.



The products shall be supplied at the current price set when the order is submitted. Prices are net and not inclusive of VAT or other taxes.



An invoice is drawn up and issued with each delivery or balance of output.



Unless otherwise agreed, our invoices shall be payable at thirty (30) days net end of the month in which the invoice was issued and are payable at the head office. In the case of early payment giving rise to a discount, the said discount shall be deductible from our taxable turnover. The VAT deducted by the purchaser shall be decreased by the value of the portion of the tax corresponding to the discount.

Any late payment may lead to the following:

- demand for immediate payment of sums outstanding, whatever the method and date of payment set initially;

- payment of interest at the base bank rate increased by six (6) points notwithstanding the suspension of orders pending and any other course of action. Moreover, all sums not paid at due date and indicated on the invoice, whether identical or different from those indicated in the general conditions of sale shall lead to the application of penalties equal to one and a half times the statutory interest rate and may be claimed by simple request on the part of the vendor.

In case of partial or full late settlement, a statutory penalty of 40€ shall be applied for recovery costs and a late payment penalty shall be applied at a rate equal to three (3) times the legal interest rate. These penalties shall be invoiced quarterly. Failure to effect timely payment once shall lead to the cancellation of the dates of payment for all other sums outstanding.



Should the purchaser's credit rating fall, the vendor may demand guarantees or full settlement before fulfilling the order received.



Product-related risks shall be transferred as soon as the goods are despatched from the vendor's warehouse.



The vendor shall retain ownership of the designated goods until full and final settlement of their price, in principal and interest. Where the price shall not be paid at due date, the vendor may take back the goods and the sale shall be cancelled as of right if the vendor sees fit to do so.



In case of litigation relating to the drafting or performance of the contract, or of a dispute of any nature whatsoever, only the Courts in Banska Bystrica shall be deemed competent.

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